How to plan the ultimate football party

Nothing goes together like football and a party! There is something about the coolness in the fall air, the refreshing taste of a cold beer and enjoying great food with friends while watching football.

There is also not a better way to impress the man in your life (assuming he loves football) than throwing a perfect party for him and his friends.

But throwing a perfect party is not easy. There is so much that goes into putting it all together, and planning it around football, just complicates it even more.

We have put together the Ultimate Football Party Planning Guide to help guide the way. We provide tips, tricks, checklists and years of experience for everything from how to deal with the unknown kick-off time, how to include or exclude children, and how to maximize the space you use for the event.

The guide also  includes a beverage planning list to help you figure out how much alcohol to buy based on what beverages you are providing, the number of guests coming and how long the party will be! How sweet is that!

We have fun games you can play during the game and at half-time too!

The best part of the guide? Football Party Food! It includes over 50 recipes and multiple sample menus to help you make sure the food is just perfect for your crowd.

It is only $10 and not only will you be provided an amazing planning guide but you will have the personal satisfaction of supporting us to continue to provide fun, informative and entertaining content for Flip the Field!!

You can buy the guide through PayPal’s secure payment services and will receive your guide electronically. We hope you enjoy it!!

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