Option Offense

In every offensive play, there is an option. An option to run or pass. An option to pass to the first, second, or third choice of receivers. An option for the quarterback to give the ball to another player or keep it himself. An option for the running back to run into the crowd and propose to his girlfriend on one knee or to keep running like the play intended (ok, so that isn’t a realistic option, but we can all dream, right?).

So the option is a bit of a weird name. But where this really comes into play is an offense which several college teams play called the triple option. Melissa’s alma mater started utilizing this offense when they hired a new coach, Paul Johnson, from Navy who had perfected this schema.

Here is how it works.

football triple option

This is what we consider the ‘basic’ triple option offense. Things change all the time in this offense, but the core is that for every play, the quarterback has at least 3 options to choose from between keeping the ball himself for a run, handing off to one of the backs or passing downfield to one of the receivers. There is a ton to this offense and Melissa (as a true GT fan) is a believer in it.

However, it is a very complicated yet also very simplistic offense. It relies heavily on the ‘smarts’ of the quarterback to read what the defense is doing. It relies heavily on many other players to ‘do their job’. But don’t forget, that especially in college, these guys are a bunch of kids learning new stuff every day and growing into their growing bodies. Really crazy. This can be really fun to watch when everything is working well and extremely boring to watch when the defense is reading better than the offense.

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