As a little girl, I was taught not to like Michigan. Why? My dad went to Notre Dame. When you grow up in a Notre Dame loving household, you learn quickly not to like Michigan or USC. Along with knowing which teams to pull for, I was also taught that there is almost nothing better during football season than to play one of your biggest rivals.

Roughly 15 years ago, I became great friends with a guy that I worked with who happened to be a Michigan fan. Every year, we bet a $25 Starbucks gift card on the game. Even when I moved back to Atlanta, the tradition continued.


In 2012, we learned that the 2014 game between these two teams would be the last. Jack Swarbick, the Fighting Irish Athletic Director, gave the Michigan Athletic Director, Dave Brandon, a note saying they were ending their rivalry. They said they no longer have room on their schedule to play Michigan. If you missed our write up from last year on the rivalry, you can read it here.

Michigan Notre Dame Rivalry Ending


Notre Dame has recently announced that they are adding Ohio State (Michigan’s other HUGE rival) to their schedule. Could this have something to do with the fact that Michigan coach Brady Hoke said Notre Dame “chickened out” and the loudspeakers blasting “The Chicken Dance” last year when Michigan beat Notre Dame in Ann Arbor? Possibly.

The truth is, we will probably never REALLY know why this rivalry is ending (aside from the obvious of money and egos). What I do know is this….I received my last text from Brian yesterday that says, “So… What’s the bet?” Since this is our last one, I responded the only way I could…”$50. Starbucks.” Go Irish!

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