Well, college football may be over until next Fall, but there are still 7 amazing games of football left to be played this season by the professionals. By the time these games are over, Denise and I will go into our mini-depression with all football being over, but don’t quite put a fork in us yet!

So, there are two games today and two games tomorrow. They are called Divisional Playoffs this weekend. We will go from 8 teams to 4 when it is all done. These are the teams and what division they represent:

  • AFC East – New England Patriots
  • AFC North – No one, Cincinnati lost last weekend in the wildcard game
  • AFC South – Indianapolis Colts
  • AFC West – Denver Broncos
  • AFC West (wildcard winner) – San Diego Chargers
  • NFC East – No one, Philadelphia lost last weekend in the wildcard game
  • NFC North – No one, Green Bay lost last weekend in the wildcard game
  • NFC South – Carolina Panthers
  • NFC South (wildcard winner) – New Orleans Saints
  • NFC West – Seattle Seahawks
  • NFC West – San Francisco 49ers

Here are the matchups, times and locations.


4:35pm New Orleans at Seattle

8:15pm Indianapolis at New England


1:05pm San Francisco at Carolina

4:40pm San Diego at Denver

What you should know for the Divisional Playoff Games this weekend:

  1.  All of these games will likely be amazing and all of them are worth watching!
  2. People are talking about the 4 ‘old’ quarterbacks (Payton Manning-Denver, Drew Brees-New Orleans, Tom Brady-New England, Phillip Rivers-San Diego) and the 4 ‘young’ quarterbacks (Colin Capernick-San Francisco, Cam Newton-Carolina, Andrew Luck-Indianapolis, Russell Wilson-Seattle) that represent these teams and which side will come out victorious: experience or young guns.
  3. Andrew Luck, the QB for the Colts is on fire!
  4. Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, is likely to surpass all former coaches in playoff wins this season if he wins out the season.
  5. A great matchup between one of the fastest receivers (T.Y. Hilton-Colts) and one of the best cover corners (Aqib Talib-Patriots) will be seen tonight. It will be an amazing matchup and will be fun to see who will win it..
  6. The Patriots placed Brandon Spikes on injured reserve for the rest of the season, but he’s not injured. The ‘gossip’ is that Spikes is not that great of a linebacker on top of the fact he has missed or has been late for numerous meetings and practices. Belichick couldn’t take it any more and essentially ‘kicked’ him off the team in the politest way possible.
  7. The Seahawks have the best uniforms of this bunch!
  8. The ‘old’ Peyton Manning is coming off one of his best seasons after having to leave what he thought was his home in Indianapolis to go to Denver. If he wins, he may just have his chance again to show the young kid from Stanford (Andrew Luck) a thing or two.

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