Hard to believe. Only three football games left until next year! This weekend are the conference championship games for the NFL. Here are your Cliff Notes for watching the games with the men in your lives.

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Who is playing?

There are two games. One for the AFC Championship and the other for the NFC Championship. The winner of both of these games will play in the Super Bowl!!

For the AFC, you have the Denver Broncos playing the New England Patriots in Denver at 3:00pm

For the NFC,  you have the San Francisco 49ers against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle at 6:30pm.

Watching Notes for NFL Conference Championship Games

All of the teams playing this weekend have at least 12 wins this season.  That’s amazing.

Last week we let you in on the old QB vs the new QB situation with the 8 teams. This weekend, you have two ‘old’ guys battling it out for the AFC Championship and you have two ‘new’ guys battling it out for the NFC Championship. That means the Super Bowl is definitely going to be old vs new and a lot of fun to watch.

Denver is the ‘favored’ team in Las Vegas by 4.5 points. However, Tom Brady of New England owns Peyton Manning in all of their matchups and when Tom Brady is the underdog he usually comes out on top. This could be exciting!

A friendly reminder, San Francisco went to the Super Bowl last year and lost. They are anxious for a victory this time around.

San Francisco and Seattle played twice this season and split the two games. Denver and New England played too. After being up big at half time, Denver ended up losing in overtime with a big Tom Brady style second half comeback.

Last week, Peyton Manning yelled the word “Omaha” from the line of scrimmage over 40 times.  It was the talk this week and even the city of Omaha, NE used it for some marketing! Peyton had a funny press conference this week where he said Omaha meant it was a run play or a pass play or a play action pass depending on the wind direction, what way they were going on the field and what jersey they were wearing. Very clever!! This will be talked about during the game for sure.

Brady missed practice on Wednesday but not sure why. Some mystery illness. Obviously, this could factor into Sunday but he is a pro and will play sick if he has to.

Russell Wilson, the QB for Seattle, is the only QB playing this weekend who has not yet played in the Super Bowl. You know he wants it!

Happy game watching. Follow our tweets @flip_the_field during the game for updates.


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