I guess this is one of those places where the more things change the more they just don’t stay the same. A crazy weekend of upsets, tight games and top 25 matchups dumped the AP Top 25 on its head and had teams playing leap frog.

Movement in the AP Rankings Week 8

Only 6 teams in the top 25 did not change positions after this crazy weekend. The first 4 teams are still #1 thru #4 (Alabama, Oregon, Clemson and Ohio State). These teams won’t move until they lose.

Louisville is still #8 and Northern Illinois is still #23.

Other than that, nothing else is the same.

ap poll ranking changes

Stanford and Georgia fell the most positions (8) and Missouri gained the most (11) after their win over UGA and maintaining their undefeated record. We still have 13 teams in the top 25 who are undefeated.

Auburn and Wisconsin came back into the top 25 and Northwestern and Michigan fell out altogether.

What is really surprising, is the SEC has a record number of 8 teams in the top 25! That continues to prove the respect the pollsters place on their difficult schedule.

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