We all know the media has certain political biases. We know it. We accept it…or we watch Fox News because at least they say they are biased. That’s enough about politics for today. On to football…

Media bias in college football is something I never thought I would have to deal with. There are often times I have to watch games on mute because the stuff spewing out of the commentators mouths make me sick. They are all so overtly for or against one team it’s hard to believe they are allowed to have a microphone. Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with the media being against Alabama. This is about the media being so over the top in favor of certain teams that it is either comical or down right annoying.

I picked up the paper on Monday morning and read an article about Auburn’s “big win” against Georgia. It was saying the Iron Bowl this year is going to be one of the best in decades (that…I completely agree with). I chose Auburn to win last week’s game in our pool. I truly believed they were the better team and it’s hard to beat Auburn at home when they are having a good season.  However, the WAY they won the game should not be applauded. They gave up 20 points in the second half and only scored the winning touchdown because 2 UGA players tried to intercept the ball instead of batting it down. A mistake on Georgia’s part does not make for an amazing win for Auburn. It makes for a lucky win. Nowhere in the article did it state Auburn shut down in the second half, that Georgia should have won, or anything even close. All it kept saying was Auburn was 10-1 and they can bring down The Tide. 

Maybe I am a little sensitive when it comes to the media having it out for Alabama, but like I said..this article wasn’t really about Alabama. It was about putting Auburn up on a pedestal they don’t deserve…all because the media likes them (or hates Georgia)! 

Now a word from Melissa:

Yes, the media is sick and tired of Alabama (as is most anyone who is not an Alabama fan). They don’t care if Alabama three-peats. But Denise is right on the bias against a lot of teams out there. My husband thinks the same thing about Georgia. I think the same thing about the lack of respect Georgia Tech receives just because we play a high school offense.

Does this go back to politics? Are we uber sensitive because so many of the teams the media doesn’t like are in the South and we all know the elitist media hates all things Southern. Well, I doubt you can take it that far since a lot of these commentators are Southerners too.

I think it boils down to the fact everyone has to feel better than someone. That ‘someone’ this year and for the next decade is Ala-freaking-Bama! Sorry Denise and Tide fans everywhere! It’s time to spread the wealth and let a team like Northern Illinois have the BCS Trophy because that is fair. Better yet, maybe all the little kiddies can get a trophy!! Please! (Note from Denise on this one: Don’t get me started on all the little kiddies getting a trophy just for signing up…that is a post for another day!!!)


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