What does it mean to Flip the Field in football

What does it mean to Flip the Field in football?

Football concept:

Used to explain how one team is beating the other team in the battle for field position. This would happen generally due to a really great defensive or special-teams play that moves the opposing team’s offensive starting point way back. An example might be after a huge punt that pins the receiving team by their own end zone, especially after the punting team was pinned back near their own end zone.

How the expression can be used in real life:

Well, apart from our website’s name 😉 this could be used anytime somebody really changed the tide on someone else. So, say your boyfriend/spouse was trying to get a promotion at work and there was another guy up for the same position who was way more qualified. Then say the other guy got busted going to a strip bar on the company expense account and writing it off as ‘dining’. The field just got flipped and your guy might just get that promotion after all!!

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