How many men have to be on the offensive line in football?

There always must be at least 7 men on the line in football. Essentially, the 5 offensive linemen (Center, Two Guards and Two Tackles) will always be on the line. That leaves two more men who must be on the offensive line. Those are generally players who plan to catch the ball (wide receiver, slot receiver, or tight end), but sometimes, a half back, tail back, or running back will come be on the line as well.

offensive line in football
The ‘line’ is the line of scrimmage which is an imaginary line where the referees decide the ball is placed on the field. You will here people use the word ‘spot’ in this situation too. It is just another term for where they put the brown oblong thing these guys like to toss around. After each play where the guy with the ball is tackled, the referee has to make a split second decision on where the ball should be spotted. He has to take into consideration many rules and a pile of 300 pound men. It’s not always easy but they get it right most of the time.

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