There are a few coaches in the hot seat after only week 4 of the season. Some of these guys knew at the beginning of the season that if they didn’t win, they might not have a job come January. Things change on a weekly basis in college football. Everything from who’s ranked, to which players start, and which program is calling for their coach’s head changes constantly!

Texas: Mack Brown

Unless the Longhorns can really turn their season around QUICKLY, Mack Brown’s days at Texas are most definitely numbered. They may be numbered anyway. Before last Saturday’s game against Kansas State, Texas was 1-2, their worst record after 3 games since Mack Brown started at Texas in 1998. They are now 2-2. Reports have been circling that after Alabama’s BCS win in January, Texas reached out to Nick Saban’s agent. That would mean Brown has been on thin ice long before the season even started. His salary is $5.4 million a year. A buyout would cost Texas $2.75 million. The Longhorns are used to championships. If they don’t get them, they will find a coach who will give them what they want, no matter what the cost!  His record at Texas is 152-45 which is amazing and makes you wonder why just a bad season or two makes you capable of losing your job. They grow ’em big in Texas, don’t they!

USC: Lane Kiffin

USC was ranked No. 1 in the preseason polls last year,  only to end up 7-6. They have struggled this year in their home opener against Hawaii and have not played as well as predicted. Ultimately, whose fault is that? Kiffin’s. The last two times a ranked USC team was upset by an unranked Washington State team, the head coach of USC got fired. When USC lost at home this season to Washington State the fans were chanting, “Fire Kiffin” during the last minute of the game. The fans are upset, mostly, about the lack of offense the team has this year. He makes $3 million a year and has a 28-14 record at the school. He’s only 38 years old, so there’s still a lot of time for him, no matter where he coaches. 

Nebraska: Bo Pelini

Pelini has been in the hot seat since Nebraska gave up a 21-3 lead against UCLA and lost to the Bruins 41-21 earlier this season. Worse than that, a recording of Pelini going off on the media and fans after a comeback win over Ohio State 2 years ago has been circulating. The recording took place without Pelini’s knowledge and he has gotten a lot a flack from it. The majority of his tirade was against the Nebraska fans. Couple that with a mediocre team and that spells disasterHe makes $2.9 million a year and has a 52-21 record with the Cornhuskers. Not too bad, but in college football, it’s about what happens in the present. There is very little leniency for a bad season. 

Virginia Tech: Frank Beamer

Beamer is more in the warm seat, not necessarily the hot seat. His almost loss to Marshall last weekend has started people wondering if he can continue to take the Hokies to big bowl games. With the exception of last season, he has had 8 straight seasons of at least 10 wins and put Virginia Tech on the map as a formidable ACC football team. Prior to Beamer coming to Virginia Tech, the Hokies hardly ever went to a bowl game and winning 10 games in one season was unheard of. Since his arrival, the Hokies have qualified for a bowl every year since 1993, and that streak should continue this season as well. Beamer has basically built this program from the ground up. It’s hard to fire a coach like this, no matter how the season turns out.

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