Steve Spurrier rarely loses at home, and he certainly doesn’t lose his home opener. He hasn’t done that since 1989 when he was at Duke! The Gamecocks didn’t stand a chance yesterday from the very beginning. Kenny Hill and the Texas A&M Aggies ran all over the Gamecocks handing Spurrier the worst lost of his career.

Is Kenny Hill better than Manziel?

This was the first game televised on the SEC Network and I have to tell you, I enjoyed listening to the announcers. However, it seemed like it took them until half time to realize that Johnny Manziel no longer played for the Aggies. They eventually realized that Johnny Football was a thing of the past and everyone was talking about Kenny Hill. Johnny never threw more than 454 yards when he played for A&M and his record for completions was 32. Kenny threw 44 completions for 511 yards and three touchdowns. Is he the real thing or is this a fluke? Only time will tell.

If you missed our Texas A&M pre-season scouting report from a Die Hard Aggie fan, check it out. Let’s see if her predictions really come true. So far, she’s pretty on target!!

Kenny Hill


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