If I had written this player profile last season, it would have read very differently than today. In fact, if I had written it earlier this week, it would have been very different. 

I am not going to say Johnny Manziel is not a great football player. He is incredible and a phenomenal athlete. I will never take that away from him. However, the way he (and his parents) have acted since winning the Heisman has made it difficult to pull for this young man to continue to break records at the college football level. 

Let’s start with a basic recap of the 2012 season: 

Manziel was the red-shirt starting freshman quarterback for Texas A&M(red-shirt means that his first year in college, he did not play and had limited time with the team so he would still be able to play 4 years after he developed a bit more). He was launched onto the national stage after upsetting Alabama 29-24 in Tuscaloosa. His fans started calling him “Johnny Football,”  a name his parents later had trademarked to capitalize on their son’s achievements. He immediately became a Heisman frontrunner and was the first freshman to ever win the award. 

After winning the Heisman:

Over this past spring and summer, Manziel has been caught drinking, partying, (remember he’s not 21), and tweeting obscenities among other things. I’m not going to go into all of the details, but if you would like to read more about some of his indiscretions, click here. Are his acts outside of the norm for a typical college kid. No. But he is not a typical college kid, that’s the difference. 

What’s next? 

Manziel has been under investigation for selling autographs for money, something that is not allowed under the NCAA rules. It was just announced that he is going to be suspended for the first half of the game of the season opener against Rice. That’s all. The NCAA decided there was not enough proof Manziel made a profit on the autographs he signed, but he should have known SOMEONE would profit off of the autographs signed during a mass autograph signing session. So, with the investigation behind him, he has the opportunity to truly rip it up on the field. He has the ability to make history again this year by claiming another Heisman trophy, if he keeps his focus and stays out of trouble. It will be interesting to follow this young man throughout the season to see how he performs, while living in a fishbowl!

If you haven’t seen this video, you’ve got to check it out. Mention it while watching the A&M game and you’ll get some points from the guys!

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