It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Football season is finally here. I love everything about it! The games, the rivalries, the parties, the stories, the weather. You name it! Our weekend schedule is centered around what games are being televised, and we LOVE it! I am truly in my happy place!

I am fortunate enough to have tickets to the season opener at the Georgia Dome between Alabama and Va Tech. I am an Alabama fan and will admit…I’m hoping for a three-peat. What I am most excited about is that my husband is finally going to see an Alabama game. He went to school at San Diego State and football games there…well…”just aren’t the same!”

We usually host a “Kickoff to football season party” that is an all day event on the first Saturday of the season, so the big party will have to wait. That’s ok!  There is always something fun going on during the season…even if it’s just sitting in front of your television all day in your pajamas with the fire going and watching twelve straight hours of football! I just can’t wait!!!

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