Hunker Down You Hairy Dawgs!

Football Concept: Hunker Down

Georgia Bulldogs, that is.  This battle cry will be heard across the Bulldog Nation, especially when the Dawgs are in a tough spot and need a bit of extra grit and fight to match their opponent – Hunker Down You Hairy Dawgs!  To understand what it means, you must “feel” it . . . . hunker down for a fight!  It’s used mostly when the junkyard dog defense needs a big stop.  The phrase was popularized by Clisby Clark in his song “Bulldog Bite,” released just as Georgia’s 1980 National Championship season began, with the rousing chorus, “Hunker down hairy dogs.  Hunker down for a fight.  When you meet the Georgia Bulldogs, you’re gonna feel the bulldog bite!”  The song grew in popularity as the Dawgs success grew through the season which culminated in a Sugar Bowl win over Notre Dame and a 12-0 National Championship record.  Clark led a packed Stegeman Coliseum in singing the song during the UGA celebration of the season in January, 1981.

One of the most famous uses of the phrase was by the legendary Georgia radio voice, Larry Munson, in the 1982 game at Auburn when Munson implored the Dawgs to “hunker it down one more time” to stop the Tigers late in the game that settled the SEC championship and Sugar Bowl invitation.  The Dawgs did hunker down and made an historic defensive stand and went on to win the game and a third straight SEC title.

Hunker Down You Hairy Dog

Using the football expression in everyday life:

Use it any time you are in a difficult situation that is going to take a lot of physical and mental effort to get out of or defend yourself against. However, use this one at your own risk. If you are not among UGA fans, prepare to be laughed at.

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