So…you’ve never liked football and even sometimes resent “losing” your husband to it on the weekends. You can’t understand why someone would scream at the television and is in a bad mood when their team loses because, after all, “it’s just a game.”

Fast forward to when your son, your pride and joy who you love more than life itself, comes to you with the words you were praying you would never hear, “Mom, I want to play football!” Now what do you do?

Well, in my opinion, you have three choices. You can either a) Not let him play and have him resent you for the rest of his life b) Let him play and have his “father deal with it”, thereby having him shut you out of one entire aspect of his life or c) Encourage him to play, throw the ball with him, ask about his practice, and be his biggest supporter, making you a part of his football life and probably the best mom ever.

We are not here to tell you how to parent, but the right choice, the ONLY choice, is C!  Of course, you still have to decide on tackle or flag football and with the growing concern over head injuries, that’s something you have to decide. We can tell you that in the earliest football leagues, coaches are now being trained in and coaching in a different technique to help prevent these injuries. These new techniques coupled with the rules changes, should help.

Ok, so now you’ve decided to embrace football for the sake of your son but you have no clue how to do. Don’t stress, we can help you! That’s why you’re here, right? Here is list of things to do to help you understand and love (or maybe just tolerate) the game, and become your son’s biggest fan!

  • The first thing you should do is read the About Football section of the website. This is going to give you a basic overview of the game without clogging your brain with the details.
  • When your son tells you the position he is playing, look up what that position is so you know where he will be on the field and what his responsibilities are. 
  • Offer to throw the ball in the backyard with him. Even if you can’t throw a perfect spiral, he will be happy to toss the ball around with you and it will show him you really care about his passion. 
  • Football is a tough sport, both physically and mentally. If he has a tough practice, don’t ask if he wants to quit. Acknowledge it was hard but it will make him a better player.  It’s tough practices that separates the men from the boys! 
  • Cheer for his team, not just for him. If your son is a defensive or special teams player and his team scores a touchdown, get on your feet and yell, scream and clap. It doesn’t matter your son wasn’t part of that play, he is part of that TEAM! 
  • And, as always, feel free to ask us anything! Let us know what position your son plays and ask us for some of our one-liners that can help engage him in conversation. You can learn this sport together with your son and have a blast doing it!

Tell us what you think!