There are lots of different ways to score points in football. It’s important to understand the basics of these primary ways to score as this is how you win football too. Let’s understand, ‘how do you score in football?’

Scoring in Football

A team gets points in one of four ways:

  1. Touchdown (6 pts)Move the ball to the end zone (the last 10 yds on both ends of the field usually painted pretty colors and has the teams name written in it). If a team does this, they get 6 points. This is called a touchdown. Touchdowns are usually scored by the team that starts the play with the ball (offense) but the team who did not start the play with the ball (defense) might steal the ball and score a touchdown too.
  2. Points after a touchdown (1 or 2pts)After a touchdown, the team has a chance to get additional points. They have 2 choices: go for 1 point or go for 2 points. Going for 1 point (point after attempt (PAT)) means they try to kick the ball through the big yellow thing at the end of the field. If it goes anywhere inside the two ‘uprights’ then it is good and they get the 1 point for a total of 7. Going for 2 points (2 point conversion) means they line up like they do to for any other type of play and try to get in the end zone like they did for a touchdown. If they are successful, they get 2 points for a total of 8.
  3. Field Goal (3pts) If the team doesn’t think they can get the ball into the end zone for a touchdown and they are close enough for their kicker to try and kick the ball through the big yellow thing, then they may try a field goal (field goal attempt (FGA)). If the kicker is successful, then they get 3 points.
  4. Safety (2pts)This does not happen very often. It occurs when the team with the ball gets caught in their own end zone (not the one they are trying to go to for 6 points and a touchdown). If they are caught then the other team gets 2 points and it is called a safety. This is usually very exciting and momentum changing event in a game!!

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