After waking up a bit ‘hungover’ from the crazy emotional rollercoaster of the Georgia vs Georgia Tech game, I realized I had accepted an invitation for my family to light the 1st candle of Advent some time ago. What was I thinking?! This was a morning to sleep in! That’s what I get for not looking at the calendar well enough.

So, up and at ’em we go! Dressed and ready, standing in front of our congregation, my voice still a bit hoarse from screaming, my eyes still a bit bleary from crying, my hands sore from the high-fives of the first half…then we read the words….the 1st candle of Advent is the candle of Hope.

Really?! Is there any hope for Georgia Tech to ever post a meaningful win over Georgia again? We’ve won once in 12 years despite having had many great Georgia Tech seasons over those same years. Will we ever be able to compete with a top tier SEC team? Will this rivalry of Clean Old-Fashioned Hate ever amount to anything more than Georgia fans calling us insects and jokingly referring to us as Teck and the North Avenue Trade School?

Well, if Saturday’s game and Sunday’s candle have taught me anything, the answer is a Divinely inspired YES! Maybe even a Hell Yes! For what do we have in life and in college football if we don’t have hope? I am hopeful that one day again, the mighty Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will beat those pesky little mutts from that farming school in Athens!

As we enter into this Christmas season, may we all have hope of what is to come.

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