It’s that time of year when the pre-season favorites have either gone to the wayside or they have started proving their case for being chosen as the next  Heisman Trophy winner. There have also been a few surprises thrown into the mix, like our boy Jameis Winston! After week 8, here’s the scoop on who I believe is favored to earn a trip to the Heisman ceremony in NYC in December.

All of the experts pretty much agree that Mariota is first on the list, after that, everyone has a difference of opinion. We will see who keeps the fire burning and who fizzles out. 

Marcus Mariota – QB Oregon: Mariota and the Ducks remain unbeaten this season. He has thrown at least one touch down past in the last 20 games he has started and averages 293 passing yards per game. Even though Oregon is #3 in the BCS Rankings, one great performance by Mariota and the Ducks could easily help them move back into 2nd place! 

Jameis Winston – QB FSU: After redshirt freshman Jameis Winston and FSU embarrassed Clemson last week, Winston was catapulted to the top of the Heisman watch list. He averages 314.2 passing yards per game and is in prime position to take his team to the BCS Championship. This kid is the real deal.

Johnny Manziel – QB Texas A&M: The chances of Manziel getting the coveted award two years in a row were diminished slightly after Texas A&M lost to Auburn last weekend, their 2nd loss so far this season. It’s still not out of the question, but it’s hard to give a repeat award to a QB whose team can’t win their division. 

AJ McCarron – QB Alabama:  How can a 2 time BCS quarterback champion NOT earn the Heisman, especially when he will likely earn his 3rd trip to the Championship in as many years? I’ll tell you why. McCarron is consistent. He shows up, does an outstanding job on a daily basis and makes very few mistakes. He knows the plays he needs to execute and does them almost flawlessly. Is he out of this world spectacular and make plays that boggle the brain? Not so much. But let me ask you this? Does he need to make those kind of jaw dropping plays  all by himself when he has teammates that more than pull their weight? My opinion is, no, he doesn’t.  Alabama is the definition of what “team” means. Maybe they should make a trophy for that. Oh wait. They do…and Alabama has 15 of them!!! 

Bryce Petty – QB Baylor: I know the chances of winning against the others on the list are pretty slim, but I REALLY like his name….and that his first name is  spelled with a “y” and not an “i”! He leads his team to scoring an average of 64.7 points per game, so that is why he remains on the list! Not many QB’s would want to follow behind the likes of a RGIII, but Bryce Petty has not made Baylor wish for the good old days.

Some of the early favorites have fallen off the radar like Tajh Boyd (Clemson), Teddy Bridgewater (OSU), and Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina), but don’t count them out.

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