It was a very interesting weekend in college football and you may be wondering what happened overall. Maybe you only watched the one game your spouse made you watch. Maybe you didn’t watch the first one because of your kids’ schedules. Maybe you just found something better to do. Regardless, you’ll need to join in on the conversations, so here is:

what you need to know about college football

Photographer: Scott Olomos/USA Today

What you need to know about college football this week

5 ranked teams lost this weekend. 3 of them had to lose because they were playing another ranked opponent. Those were:

Stanford lost to USC in a close, hard fought battle that went down to the wire

Michigan St lost to Oregon on ESPN’s College Gameday in what was close for a while but ended with a beating. Oregon, dressed in their Icharus uniforms (looking like the sun), looked good. Mariotta did not hurt his Heisman dreams.

Michigan lost to Notre Dame in the last rivalry matchup between these two teams and Notre Dame showed them who was boss with their first time holding Michigan to 0 points in the history of the matchup. Notre Dame looks like they actually deserve their ranking this year.

2 ranked teams lost to unranked teams. That’s what you call a Scooby Doo  “Ruht ro, Shaggy” moment

Ohio St lost to Virginia Tech who is a very young team but evidently a really good team. Ohio State’s young QB trying to fill injured Braxton Miller’s shoes wasn’t able to do it with the super fast VaTech defense. One more thing…Urban Meyer has had a perfect regular season record since he started at Ohio State as the coach. Not anymore and losing at home nonetheless.

Texas lost to BYU, badly. I did not see any of this game so I don’t know what happened. Is Texas bad or BYU good?

Here are some of the other newsworthy moments for the weekend:

In a controversial penalty called against USC during their game against Stanford, the Athletic Director for USC left his air-conditioned box, went down to the field and spoke with the referees. This is something that never happens and was quite weird. However, what makes it worse is that he is one of the few people on the National Championship Selection Committee. Lots of talk about this one.

For those of you SEC fans out their who watched the Notre Dame game, you probably heard Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator’s name being called out more than even some of their start players. Brian VanGorder, former DC at the University of Georgia, was talked about throughout the game, especially when it started looking as if Notre Dame might skunk Michigan, which they did.

The Big Ten did not have a good day. Five of their teams lost including 3 of their ranked teams. They did not represent well.

South Carolina, after their devastating defeat last weekend, barely pulled it out over East Carolina University. Somebody’s got some ‘splaining to do, Lucy.’

LSU running back, Fournette, after scoring his first ever college touchdown, struck the Heisman pose. Really? That’s a bit much.

Oh, and I find it a bit ‘convenient’ that Alabama beat their undermatched opponent by exactly 41 points, just a 1/2 point over their 40.5 point Las Vegas spread. Hmmmm.

Quick shout out to the San Diego Aztecs who came all the way to Chapel Hill NC and played a great game. You had some special fans in the crowd!!

A lot of our conversation starters still apply too.

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