Hail Mary

Football concept: Hail Mary

At the end of a half or the end of the game, the team who has the ball on offense may need more points. With just seconds left on the clock until the end of the half/game, a team may put in a bunch of really fast wide receivers (4-5 of them) and let them run as fast down the field as possible. Then the quarterback (saying a couple of Hail Mary prayers), throws the ball as high and as far as he can. The ball is not intended for any one guy, its just heaving it down the field in hopes that one of his guys catches it and not one of the ‘other’ guys. This is very rarely successful and was really developed as a ‘play’ when Doug Flutie was the QB for Boston College way back in the day.

How the saying can be used in real life:

OK, so this is one where football clearly stole something from the Catholics amongst us! Hail Mary is a Catholic prayer. In the movies, this is something that is required by a priest to be said a certain number of times after someone has confessed a sin. Well, after football confiscated the saying, it is now somewhat acceptable to be used as an everyday expression when you are up against all odds and have almost zero chances of a successful outcome but with a little hope and a whole lot of prayer, you go for it anyway. So, for example, you could use this when faced with a failing grade in college or a reprimand at work and you ‘throw a Hail Mary’ by bringing your professor or boss a bottle of his favorite single-malt Scotch as a thank you gift for being the best mentor you’ve ever had.

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