Last night, I had dinner with a great group of people. After walking in and greeting those who were there, I was stopped by one of my favorite people, Jane, who pulled me off to the side and said she just had to talk to me. We sat down with our glasses of wine and she said, “I’ve got to tell you how much I just love Flip.”

Now let me give you a little insight into Jane. She is not, well how should I say, not exactly our “target” market. We think our target is young single females, wives and mom’s up to probably 50 or so. Jane is just a “tiny bit” past that. Now, I’m not going to give you her age, but suffice it to say, she is a grandma with grandkids in their 20’s. She is also a woman who is the mother of two boys and the wife to one of the coolest men I know, who amongst other amazing things in his successful life, was a referee in the SEC back in the day. So, Jane has been around football a lot and considers herself very knowledgeable on the sport.

So that is her brief background – now back to the story.

Jane read our blog post on the UCLA vs Oregon game and enjoyed it so much, she wanted to watch the game. She went to her husband and asked if he’d watch the game with her. He was stunned! This is not something she would typically ever do but he was excited about having the company. As they watched the game, she gave insights from our blog like talking about Mariota’s Heisman chances. Her husband loved it! You see, his memory is not what it used to be and he enjoyed her sharing information that he would have typically known every detail about but just cannot anymore.

Jane also really connected with our piece on Talking to Your Son About Football too. She thought it was spot on but did have one bone to pick with us. Although her husband had played football and was active in football as an adult, it was Jane who signed up her boys to play. It was Jane who drove them to every practice and went to every game. It was Jane who washed the uniforms, pinned them when they did not fit and wrote left and right on their shoes when they were too young to know the difference. This was a great connection between her and her boys that she cherishes to this day as it was so evident in the excitement in which she relayed the story to me. It was powerful.

In the end, football is not the conversation. It is what can start it and spark more meaningful conversations on other topics later. And isn’t that what we want ladies? A means to better connect with the men in our lives. To engage in thoughtful conversation about each other. Oh, and don’t underestimate how much the men in our lives want to be able to connect with us too – they just need an opening. If football is that opening, so be it. I’ll take that anytime!


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