Championship Weekend

It’s no secret, I was not pleased with the outcome of the Alabama game last weekend. It’s football. It happens. Now I am left with two choices. 1) Hang up my Houndstooth hat until next year or 2) Cheer for all of the teams that could give Alabama the slightest chance of heading to the Championship game. Since I’m not ready for football season to be over, I gladly choose option 2. 

I’ve had many talks with my son over the past couple of years about what it means to be a fan. He has come home from school asking what it means if a fan is “on the bandwagon”. I explained that those kind of fans, aren’t true fans. They only like a team because they are winning. A REAL fan supports a team during wins AND losses (or loss), good games AND bad. My son has grown up with Alabama football during a time when the word “lose” hasn’t really existed much. It’s a new concept for him and he doesn’t really like it (let’s be real…neither do I)! As a parent, it’s my job to teach him how to still enjoy the rest of the season despite our favorite team not being #1. We can still pull for Alabama, even if they aren’t playing. That brings me to this weekend…

Tomorrow, I will be a HUGE Missouri fan. I hope they spank Auburn. Why? Besides the obvious that it is Auburn, it will knock them out of the #3 spot. Next up is Duke. Go BLUE DEVILS!!! Do I really think they have a chance in the ACC Championship against Jameis Winston and Florida State? Not really, but hey…anything can happen any given Saturday in college football. Finally, I will be pulling for Michigan State to knock Ohio State out of #2 like I was a born and bread Sparty! 

So, if Missouri and Michigan State win, there is still a good chance that Alabama will play FSU in the title game. If all three of my new favorite teams for one day win, Alabama will most certainly be in it. If you hear someone cheering for the Sparty Blue Tigers, that will be me!!  ‘Tis the season for miracles!!!

Keep dreaming, Denise! I always wish for people’s dreams to come true, but this year, I’m hoping for a little ‘spreading of the wealth’ this year. Plus, the ACC needs another National Championship!! Go Noles! – Melissa

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