Go for it in football

Football Concept: Go for it!

Ok, so read the expression about Fourth and Long and where we say, “Sometimes, even though they have a long distance to go and the probability of success is slim, the place where they are in the game dictates they must go for it and hope for the best.”

This really only happens when time left in the half or the game is nearly gone and the team is behind in points and definitely needs some more points. It can also happen when the ball is fourth and very short and they feel they can move the ball less than a yard to get a first down and keep going. If they fail, the other team gets the ball on offense wherever it ends up so no punt to push the other team back a little bit. Not a good alternative if they fail to get a score or first down.

How the football saying can be used in real life:

This can be used when either you have (a) nothing to lose or (b) your chances are pretty good of success or repercussions of failure are not that great. Think Christy Brinkley and Chevy Chase in the movie Vacation in the pool scene where she is naked in the pool and seductively says “aren’t you going to…go for it” and he stands there awkwardly clapping his hands on the side of the pool and says, “this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy.” Perfect example!

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