We decided to play this week a little differently to see how you like it. These are the top ‘stories’ going into the weekend. We are not doing the game by game synopsis this weekend. Let us know what you think.

Top 8 things you should know about college football this weekend

top things you should know about football this weekend

1 – There aren’t a lot of great games going on this weekend. Why? Most teams are getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend (aka RIVALRY WEEKEND!!!!)

2 – Jameis Winston, the Quarterback for Florida State, is now known to have had sexual relations with the woman who is now accusing him of sexual battery. He said – she said on the consensual / non-consensual question. If he gets charged, he will be automatically suspended from the team. You can pretty much assume he will not get the Heisman regardless of what happens in the investigation.

3 – The Arizona State vs UCLA game this weekend will determine who wins the PAC-12 South.

4 – Duke has to win this weekend against Wake Forest to stay on top of the ACC Coastal division but this is very doable. Duke winning the division seems unheard of!

5 – There are still 6 undefeated teams (Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Baylor, Fresno St and Northern Illinois) going into this weekend. N.Ill already won, Fresno St has a bye, and Baylor is the only team playing anyone worth while (thus best chance of losing).

6 – Manziel has a chance to really sway Heisman voters this weekend as Texas A&M squares off against LSU and try for a 2nd trophy despite his team losing two games.

7 – The NCAA, who is being sued for using collegiate players images and likeness in video games created by EA Sports, is now suing EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company for their part in the claim. This begs the question of college athletes being paid or maintaining the status quo, a point we will ponder in the near future.

8 – If Orgeron (new head coach at USC after they fired Lane Kiffin) wins this week and next, he should win Coach of the Year due to his amazing turn around. Typically when a team fires their coach in the beginning of the season, the rest of the season is lost. Not this time though!

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