So, many of you started this season hoping football would just go away. But, after a season following Flip the Field, where do you stand now? We hope you have enjoyed this season a lot more than you ever expected you would. This weekend will help make it that much better.

This is the weekend where most of the games are the best of what a conference has to offer…the two teams that each won their division within the conference… the two teams that should really make it a fun and exciting game.

Now, I’m not about to say that EVERY game will be phenomenal, but most will be. First one that jumps off the top of my head with potential for a blow out is the Florida State vs Duke game. The first FOUR games that get me all hot and bothered just thinking about what a great game it is likely to be are:

  1. Missouri vs Auburn
  2. Stanford vs Arizona State
  3. Michigan State vs Ohio State
  4. Texas vs Baylor

Here is what you’ve absolutely gotta know going into the weekend (aka, your Girls’ Guide to Football)!!

Top 10 Things to Know for the Last Week of College Football

1. If Florida State wins, they will play in the National Championship game.

2. If Ohio State wins, they will play in the National Championship game.

3. Alabama fans everywhere are cheering for the Sparty Blue Mizzou Tigers!! Ok, this is just code for hoping Michigan State (Sparty), Duke (Blue Devils), and Missouri (Tigers) all win their respective games. If that were to happen, Alabama would most likely go to the National Championship.

4. Jameis Winston is not going to be charged for sexual assault. This is a weird case that can easily be argued on both sides. No one ‘truly’ one in this scenario regardless of where the truth actually lies. Regardless, you should know about this, choose a side, and be prepared to argue your point.

5. Florida State will likely dominate Duke. Duke’s last time winning the ACC was in 1989 and they went to a Bowl game last year for the first time in 17 years. Looks like they may be getting the program back together.

6. Somehow, Bowling Green beat Northern Illinois who was undefeated going into the game, ranked #14 and was headed to a BCS Bowl. Not any more! Lynch (NIU’s QB), still managed to break his own rushing record though.

7. If you live in Georgia or are around Georgia fans this weekend, be sure to make a snide comment that it appears UGA is keeping their defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham. Most Georgia fans want him gone and he may not be going anywhere.

8. Notre Dame has already accepted a bid to the Pinstripe Bowl in NY!!

Girls Guide to Football9. UCF is going to make it to a BCS Bowl!!

10. Auburn’s coach got a really nice contract extension and a raise…..surprise, surprise, surprise!


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