Today is the heart of Rivalry Weekend. Yes, the Egg Bowl may have already been played and the recipient of the Platypus trophy may have already been decided, but we don’t live in Mississippi or Oregon.

buzz with georgia hat

Buzz in 2011 with my husband’s Georgia hat on

This is a big game for my family and I love the excitement of when toe meets leather on the Flats. This may be Tech’s best year in a while to beat the Dogs, but it truly doesn’t matter that much to me. I probably just made some Tech fans cuss and scream and some Bulldog fans roll their eyes, but it is at least a little bit true. I love being around the game as much as I care about who wins and loses. Corny? Maybe. But I believe that there are a lot of women out there in the same boat.

As for Denise, well, not so much. She cares more about her team winning than just about any fan out there. There is nothing nice she is going to say about Auburn…nothing! She bleeds crimson through and through and if the Tide doesn’t Roll, then some heads will.

The only bad thing about the day? Both Denise’s and my teams play at the same time! I hate missing what is likely to be the best game of the year. However, the great thing is Denise has invited my little girls to come hang out at her house while I’m at the game. Isn’t that sweet?! She really is the best friend ever!! Hopefully they won’t come home having learned a few new words!!

So…Roll Tide!  War Eagle! Go Dawgs! and Sting ‘Em Tech!


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