Denise and I decided we should each write our own version of a scouting report for our alma maters. Of course, we want to do this with a more feminine approach, a little humor and provide you with some great talking points.

georgia tech scouting report

Georgia Tech Football – 2013

The Summary:

Georgia Tech is coming off a 7-7 season, a trip to the ACC Championship game even though we did not earn it (thanks to the Miami Hurricanes getting busted for NCAA violations), and winning against the University of Southern California in our first bowl game win in 7 years. We are also rebuilding probably half of the coaching staff and have a new Athletic Director for the school too.

The Big Changes: The big news with Georgia Tech this season is the number of changes in the Georgia Tech coaching staff. Paul Johnson is still the head coach and the option offense will still be the strategy employed (like it or not). Ted Roof is back as our defensive coordinator.

Ted played as a linebacker at Tech under Coach Bill Curry. He has been all over the place coaching as either a linebacker coach, defensive coordinator and even a few years as the head coach at Duke. I remember him coaching at Tech before too and a lot of the guys saying he was great and a lot saying they didn’t care for him at all. Regardless, he is a good coach, a native of Georgia, a Tech alum and maybe this is where he will want to end his career.

The Outlook: Tech is predicted by some to come in 4th of 6 teams on their side of the ACC (Coastal Division). I don’t believe this will be the case. We have several very tough games in the schedule: Virginia Tech, Miami, Clemson, and Georgia; and a couple of games that are always tough rivals: UNC and Virginia

My very optimistic prediction on the final record is 8-4 but probably more likely 7-5.

The Talking Points / One Liners:

  • I can’t believe Ted Roof is back but I suppose anyone is better than Al Groh.
  • Vad Lee is a rock star.
  • I really miss Wes Durham.
  • I hope this year we actually earn a trip to the ACC Championship but I’ll take it however we get it.

If Georgia Tech is your football team, I hope you will sound like an expert rattling these off to your friends.

Enjoy the season!

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