georgia footballThis could be the year for the Dogs

By: Mark Bryson, Award-winning Journalist
August 30, 2014
This could be the year. And that’s what is good about being a Georgia Bulldog fan – any year could be the year. Looking forward to the 2014 campaign, this could be the year the Dogs beat Clempsin, Spurrier, all the rest of the Orange teams, and maybe even Georgia Tech. It could even be the year we beat Alabama in the SEC championship game. As we anticipate the new season, everything is possible and that’s what makes being a Georgia fan so much fun and maybe a bit more fun than for fans of some other schools (I chose not to name names but you know who you are). This year, like most every year, the Dogs are in the hunt.

Our season opens with Clempsin in Athens. Leading up to this big game this week I’ve thought a lot about my freshman year when the Tigers came to Athens. Seeing the orange paw prints painted on Baxter and Lumpkin streets was my first impression of real “big time college football” and I learned quickly that Clempsin is truly an historic rival located closer to Athens than is the Georgia Tech campus. We lost 7-6, a barnburner as we used to call them. I suspect we’ll set a lot more scoring today and a convincing win for the Dogs. I took the 9.5 points with the Tigers, though.

As last year, Georgia gets to play its second game in the South Carolina state round-robin in two weeks. As much as we all enjoyed watching SC struggle against the shiny new Texas A&M team, I’m pretty sure Spurrier will have them ready for his personal rivalry against the Dogs. While I have the confidence of a Georgia fan before any games are played, I’ll wait and see how we do against Clempsin today before getting too cocky about the Gamecocks.

Down the road, Georgia has the usual mix of cupcakes and intense rivals and I expect us to hold our own and more. This could be the year we win the East, the SEC championship, and get into the playoff. All is possible and that is what makes it great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Glory, Glory to ‘ol Georgia.

Thanks Mark for a great look into the mind of a Georgia Bulldog fan. Of course, I’ve been married to my little award winning journalist for 15+ years, so I knew a little of this. Thanks for contributing to Flip the Field.

Mark graduated from Georgia and had the pleasure of attending while Herschel Walker ran between the hedges and Georgia won their last national championship. ~Melissa

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