Unlike last weekend’s lopsided battles between the Daphnes and Goliaths of college football, we actually have lots of games that could have been our “game of the week” for week 5. We narrowed it down to just two!

The REALLY big one:



Date, Time and Location: September 28th at 3:30 p.m. @ Sanford Stadium 

Why this is a big game: This game is huge on several levels. It’s an SEC Conference game by two top ten ranked teams. Neither team has a conference loss. Georgia can’t afford one, especially since they will meet Florida in a month. If UGA wants to win the Eastern Division, they need to beat LSU this weekend AND Florida. If they can get past those two teams, they should wind up playing for the SEC Championship. LSU has a few more tough games ahead of them in order to take the West. They have UGA, Alabama and Texas A&M to play….and beat. Anything can happen, especially in the SEC, but as of now, that’s how it stands! Both teams want to play for the SEC Championship, followed by the National Title!

Why Georgia will win: They enter this game after their best performance yet. They easily beat N. Texas 45-21 and allowed only 7 rushing yards. The crowd at Sanford Stadium has the ability to affect LSU’s offense and cause them to make silly mistakes.

Why LSU will win: Their defense is the best in the SEC right now. Quarterback Zach Mettenberger started at UGA but was “dismissed” in 2010 (see the one-liners below). He returns for a Homecoming unlike anything he has probably ever seen before. The crowd will be hostile which could give him the drive and desire to outplay and outlast the Bulldogs. 

Who will win: The slight edge goes to Georgia. They are playing at home and want another shot at the title. Alabama took that chance away from them last year and they will take it out on LSU. 

One liners/Pick up lines for the game:

“The SEC really is the best conference in the country, isn’t it?”

“Can’t wait to see how Mettenberger handles the pressure after being dismissed from UGA!”

“What’s that saying about one person’s trash is another person’s treasure? Guess LSU found a treasure in Mettenberger!”

The other big one:


Date, Time and Location: September 28th at 8:00 p.m.  @ Ohio Stadium

Quite the Matchup: Both teams are coming into the game with strong wins from last weekend. This will be the most difficult matchup either team has faced all season and they are both looking for a Big Ten Championship. Wisconsin in the current Big Ten Champ and Ohio State is looking to dethrone them as they haven’t won a Big 10 Championship since 2009. 

Why Wisconsin will win: It’s unclear whether or not Braxton Miller (QB for Ohio State) will be playing or not due to his sprained MCL that occurred in week 2 during the game against San Diego State. If Miller doesn’t start, it will be backup quarterback, Kenny Guiton. The uncertainty of the Ohio State quarterback position could be a huge advantage for Wisconsin. Wisconsin also has three amazing tailbacks that are on fire. Melvin Gordon, James White and Corey Clement have 1395 combined yards and 15 touchdowns. 

Why Ohio State will win: The Buckeyes are currently ranked #4 and have the home field advantage. They have won 5 of the last 6 meetings with the Badgers and have held them to an average of 120 rushing yards and 3 yards per carry. They have an incredible offense that averages 52.5 points per game. They put lots of points on the board in the first quarter, which is hard for other teams to counteract. 

Who will win: Ohio State, but not by much. 

One liners/Pick up lines for the game:

” I knew there were great teams outside of the SEC!”

” The only reason I don’t like Ohio State is because of Urban Meyer. I really have no other good reason.”

“This should be a battle between two undefeated teams. It’s a shame Wisconsin got ***beep*** by those refs two weeks ago!”


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