Ok, so first, why are there 12 teams in the Big Ten and why is there another conference called the Big-12?  That’s just insane. To maybe understand that a bit more, you can read up on college conferences here.

On top of that, since there have only been a couple of conference games between the Big Ten teams, 10 of the 12 teams are still totally “in” the running for a division and/or conference title. That seems even more insane at week 6 of the season than the fact the conference name says Ten when there are Twelve. No wonder why so many don’t like this sport!!

Regardless, here is your game of the week.

Northwestern Ohio State Game

Game of the Week: Ohio State Buckeyes (#4) vs. Northwestern Wildcats (#16)

Date, Time and Location: October 5th @ 8:00 p.m. EST in Evanston, IL. This is only the second time College GameDay has gone to the Northwestern campus, so you know it’s a big game!

Why this is a big game: There are currently only 3 undefeated teams in the Big Ten. After this weekend, it will be two, at the very most. This is the first conference game for Northwestern. The last time Northwestern beat Ohio State was in 2004. Since then, the Wildcats have lost by an average of 43 points in their last 4 match ups. This is not the same team, however. They are certainly looking to stop the losing streak, and they have a great chance to pull an upset this year.

Why Northwestern will win: The Wildcats have had a week off, giving them plenty of time to rest and prepare to take on the Buckeyes. They have not one, but two awesome quarterbacks. Together, they will be a force for ‘The Ohio State University’ defense has yet to see this season (what’s up with folks using the full name of OSU anyway?).  

Why Ohio State will win: Ohio State is coming off a huge win last week against Wisconsin and QB Braxton Miller threw a personal best of 4 touchdown passes. There is no sign the knee injury he suffered earlier this year is slowing him down.  Although most teams come out strong after a bye week, the Wildcats are 0-4 following a week off under the leadership of Pat Fitzgerald.

Urban Meyer, love him or hate him, currently has 17 consecutive wins as head coach at Ohio State and has every intention to surpass his record of 22 straight wins he had at Florida.

Who will win: The Buckeyes are favored by 5.5 points. I’ll be honest. That surprises me a bit. If they are supposed to be such a kick ass team, why is the spread not more against a #16 team? My gut tells me Ohio State will win, but my heart tells me the Wildcats are going to pull the upset. My one and only time going to the Rose Bowl was when Northwestern was in it in 1996. My cousin went to school there and she got us tickets. It’s hard not to pull for them!! Who doesn’t love an underdog (unless of course they are playing Alabama).

One liners/Pick up lines for the game:

“Urban Meyer is so much more likable at Ohio State than he was at Florida. I guess it really is a Tim Tebow thing. ”

“If Ohio State has the longest running consecutive win streak, it’s hard to believe they are not #1.” 

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