Texas A&M v Alabama

The Teams: University of Alabama (Crimson Tide) vs. Texas A&M (Aggies)

Date, Time and LocationSaturday, September 14th at 3:30 p.m. (EST) in College Station, Texas

Why the Game is Important: Last year, Texas A&M went into Tuscaloosa and upset the Tide 29-24. That game catapulted Johnny Manziel into the national spotlight and almost dashed the hopes of a second consecutive National Championship for Alabama. This is being a considered a “revenge game” with Alabama as an 8.5 point favorite as of the date this is published. This game is also only the second time in history the reigning Heisman winner faces the reigning national champion in a regular-season game. The winner will more than likely have a great shot at the title!

Why Alabama will win: There are a few reasons why Alabama will win. First, and foremost, Alabama has Saban. He has been focused on this game since they beat Notre Dame in January’s BCS National Championship game. He rarely loses and certainly doesn’t lose to the same team twice.  Second, the A&M defense has allowed 899 yards in their first two games against Rice and Sam Houston as well as 59 points….and neither of these teams are, well, any good. Third, Alabama had a bye last week, so they were able to rest and work on some of the offensive issues they had against Virginia Tech.  Lastly, since 2011, Alabama is 8-2 against the spread in away games. 

Why A&M will win: Despite his antics on and off the field, Johnny Manziel is a phenomenal quarterback, possibly the best in the country. His ability to improvise makes defending against him a nightmare! Secondly, the Tide struggled offensively against Virginia Tech due to a relatively new offensive line. They didn’t even reach 100 yards rushing. If these guys did not grow up a whole lot in the last 14 days, Alabama will have trouble keeping up with the scoring of A&M.

Who will win: Since Alabama is the Vegas favorite, I will choose them. Of course, I would have chosen them anyway. Saban won’t let his team lose. He just won’t! By the way, Melissa concurs with me.

One Liners for the Game:

” Is the Johnny Cam really necessary?”

“How many minutes of the game will Saban stand on the sideline with his arms folded”

“What on earth is an Aggie anyway”

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