Wow! What an incredible game last night. You could not have scripted a more exciting game. The crowd was awesome. The teams played their hearts out. Nothing was left on the field by anyone. This is what it is all about.

Seeing the pure joy in these kids faces, and I do mean kids! These are just boys living a childhood dream. As a mom, I love to see these guys fulfill a dream like this. It is a moment they’ll never forget and I, for one, am appreciative of the ride they took us on.

Florida State dominated their opponents during the regular season. Auburn was most certainly their stiffest competition. They got down early and that was what all the commentators had said might make FSU crumble under the fear and anxiety that comes with playing from behind when you have not had to do it, EVER!

But, the defense stood up and the offense made a play or two that helped them regain their confidence. The decision to fake the punt before the end of the first half most definitely changed the course FSU would take. Boys grew up during this game and became men. They faced adversity and didn’t let it get the better of them. Congratulations FSU!

Auburn, well, they played amazing. They should have been beaten badly but they came out with a fantastic game plan and executed perfectly. If they had not missed on the wide open pass on their first drive, well, the entire game might have been different. Excellent try. You almost finished the miracle season off with a bang, but just did not have that last magic rabbit to pull out of the helmet. Excellent season. Thanks for the memories of the crazy catch against UGA and the miracle 109 yard return during the Iron Bowl (although BAMA fans from all around are tossing some cookies right now!).

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