I watched the Alabama/LSU game with a bunch of neighbors last weekend. A friend of mine reminded me how last year when we were watching a game together in a public location, I was getting so infuriated with obnoxious people, I left early and went home (funny…I just remembered Alabama winning!). Anyway, she told me I needed to do a post about how ladies should watch football in public and STILL be classy and keep their cool. Thanks, Heather for the idea. This one’s for you!

someecards.com - May the unbearable fans of whichever college football team you hate most be inconsolably depressed tomorrow morning.

I am ALL about really getting into a game and yelling and screaming my head off when there is a great play or bad call…and pretty much anything in between. However, there is a time and a place for that. I only act like a total idiot when I am in the comfort of my own home surrounded by my family and my closest of closest friends. The only reason I call myself an idiot is because when there is an exciting game or heated rivalry, I never seem to be able to finish a sentence. Since I watch the game with my kids there is a lot of, “What the…?” “Are you….??” “Get up you…!” I get excited but never lose my cool or use profanity. Therefore, I talk in incomplete sentences. See. Idiot…but a cool and classy one!

Here are some things to remember when you are watching a game in a public setting and you want to have fun, but not be the talk of the town the next morning.

  1. Language: Keep it clean ladies. You can have fun without dropping the “f” bomb or using other profanity. It might seem crazy, but it is possible.
  2. Drinking to excess: If you are an adult, you should know how to pace yourself so you don’t get out of control, too loud, obnoxious or pass out. It really is possible to start drinking Bloody Mary’s at 8:00 a.m. and go all day long drinking other alcoholic beverages while still having a blast. You just have to pace yourself and chug some water in between your other drinks! I have tested this theory out. It works! Trust me!
  3. Clothing: If you have it, flaunt it, but don’t let it all hang out. You have GOT to leave something to the imagination. Ladies jerseys are actually the “in” thing right now. They go great with anything…just please don’t think you can get a really big one and wear it like a dress. That’s a huge no-no, no matter how big “the girls” are or how tight and firm the butt is!
  4. Taunting: This is what gets most people in trouble, especially if it’s combined with #1 and #2 and not enough of #3! It’s fun to have a friendly rivalry amongst friends. However, it’s not fun for anyone to start spewing meanness out of their mouth to people they barely even know. 
  5. Talking in general: Most people who are at a football gathering are truly interested in the game. That is code for “Don’t just make idle chit chat while the game is on unless you are with a like minded person”. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, look at our other posts for “how to fake it,” or just smile and nod. Smile and nod. 

Remember: These are just tips and suggestions for when you are in a public place and watching the game with a bunch of people who you don’t know very well. When you are at home, anything goes. Be yourself and let it all hang out!! You’ll at least learn the boundaries.

In case you want one of those ladies jerseys!

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