Today marks just ten days until the official football season begins! Some of you will paint your face, wear your favorite jersey and talk smack until the Super Bowl is complete regardless of how your favorite teams are performing.

Others of you will go into mourning as your ‘other half’ withdraws into football and leaves you wishing you could have your mate back.

Regardless of what end of the spectrum (or somewhere in between) you fall, the reality is…football is coming.

To help you get a start on the season, Flip the Field is asking folks to write a guest post on their favorite team’s season outlook. This will be a mix of teams from all over the country and from both college and professional. Let us know if you are interested in writing about a team for us. We’d love to have you!

Pre-Season AP Top 25 College Football Teams

The AP Poll released its top 25 college football teams of the season today. No surprises with Florida State being number one. Most of the football fans out there think that being the pre-season number 1 is really a curse. For those of us who are not FSU fans, it makes us happy to see them ranked number 1. Of course, of the preseason number 1 teams who have actually broken the curse and ended the season number 1, Florida State is one of the few to have done it. Maybe being preseason number 1 is their blessing instead.

Florida State started as the pre-season number 1 in 1993 and 1999. Both season, they went on to win it all! Pretty impressive. Will they repeat? Only time will tell.

Top 8 college football games of the season

I thought I’d give you a few games to watch for the season that will likely not disappoint. I’ve put them in date order and not in order of importance or how I think they’ll rate. They will all be good and likely will all be very important. I only picked one game per week and only 8 weeks of the 15 week season. I tried to spread it around a bit but I truly believe these 8 games will be awesome. Go ahead and plan around them.

August 30th – Clemson at Georgia – what a way to start the season….again! Georgia needs to start strong to fulfill what many in the Dawgnation think might be a good chance at a run for the playoffs.

Best football games 2014


September 6th – Michigan State at Oregon – this ought to be a fast paced, high scoring, fun game to watch.

September 20th – Florida State at Clemson – it pains me to have Clemson in 2 of my top game picks, but, well, it just is. If Clemson didn’t have to play in the ACC, they might have a really tough schedule.

October 18thTexas A&M at Alabama – I guess we’ll get a first hand glimpse at how Alabama handles an A&M team without Johnny Football!

November 1st – Stanford at Oregon – this could well be for a big stake of the PAC-12, a nice rivalry game and a whole lot of fun!

November 8th – Baylor at Oklahoma – there are a TON of big games this weekend, but I think this may prove to be one of the best. Regardless, if you are looking for a day to spend the entire time in front of the TV watching college football, this may just be the best weekend of the season!

November 15th – Nebraska at Wisconsin – just to prove we are not SEC favorites, I’ll pick this game even though I want to pick the Georgia vs Auburn game. Badgers and Cornhuskers are almost as exciting.

November 29th – Auburn at Alabama – the Iron Bowl will prove to be another amazing game this year. Maybe a last second victory by either team to rival last year’s ‘redonkulous’ return! Of course, this is the big rivalry weekend so there will be lots of great games regardless of their level of importance. This one may just have a lot of meaning behind it.


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