I was watching the Giants/Cowboys game this past weekend and was confused when I saw this play.

The Giants receiver caught a pass, went down to the ground, and then got up and ran into the end zone for a touchdown. I turned to my husband, who is the NFL expert in the house, and asked him what that was all about. Here’s the deal.

What makes a player down in college vs professional football

In the NFL, a player has to be down AND touched in order for the play to be dead after a ball is caught (also called down by contact). In college football, a player just has to be down, no one has to touch him.

What makes someone down? It depends on what body part touches. Feet and Hands don’t count as down. Anything else touches, including your long dreadlocks, and you are considered down in college.

Now we know!

Anybody know the one exception to this rule in college? There is one time when a college player can have his knee on the ground, touch the ball and not be considered ‘down’. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?…..Ok, I’ll tell you – it’s during a field goal or point after attempt. The holder of the ball is not considered down. – Melissa

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