I ask that question every year. Sometimes the rule changes are big and sometimes they are not.

College Football Rule Changes:

This year in college football, there are several rule changes but none that are off the wall crazy or a big deal. The NCAA wrote up a summary of the rules changes that is some good reading for the avid fan. Click here for the complete list but here is a quick synopsis of the two I think you might want to know:

1. No more of those crazy facemasks that look like a mix of something you’d see at Dragon Con or Hannibal wearing.

2. No more WWF meets Fight Club when there is a pifootball rule changesle of players going after a fumble. Players pushing or pulling opponents off of the pile will be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and 2 of those in a game and you are kicked off the field.

NFL Football Rule Changes:

Rule changes in the NFL this year are a bit more interesting starting with pushing the extra point back several yards to the 15 yard line. This makes the extra point a 33 yard attempt…no longer a complete gimme from the 2 yard line. This might make for some more excitement and more 2 point conversion attempts instead. I like this change.

Another fun change in the NFL with the potential for more 2 point conversion attempts, the defense can now return a 2 point conversion attempt for 2 points of their own. I love that! That means that QBs can no longer take super risky throws knowing there was no down side.

Most of the remaining changes have to do with protecting players, the game clock and injured player substitutions. The NFL also adopted the pulling players off the pile rule as did the NCAA. Here is a link to an article that quickly summarizes the rest of the changes.

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