football pool winner

Not sure about where you live, but it was a phenomenal weekend for football here in Atlanta!  The weather has been spectacular. We hope you enjoyed a great weekend too.

For week 5 of our college football pool, we’d like to say congratulations to “squirlwil” who won this week’s pool with an impressive 18 correct picks!! We had some great games this week with few true upsets.

We had 4 people (including yours truly) with 17-8 record for the weekend which is also outstanding.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Keep working at it each week. One good weekend can really push you up in the standings and of course the opposite is true too.

The overall leaders are:

  • Tommyallen 72-52
  • squirwil 71-53
  • craigk 71–53
  • doritoscowboy 7-54 
  • eyjohns 70-54

Tell us what you think!