Alright – so we need to talk a little strategy for you ladies who are new to playing in a football pool.

The goal is to win as many points as possible each week. We play 25 games so everyone has a max number of points of 25 each week. A typical score is probably about 13-12. It’s harder to predict than you think when playing with the spread. Anything over 500 is actually pretty good.

When making your picks, these are the things to take into consideration:

  • Who is the home team? Sometimes that is all the advantage someone needs.
  • How many points are in the spread? Even a really good team against a really small team will have a hard time scoring 52 points more than their opponent. Coaches generally like to let 2nd and 3rd string teammates a chance to play and don’t like to run up the score too badly – unless you’re talking about Steve Spurrier.
  • Is the underdog a complete patsy? If so, then you have to decide how much someone will win by.
  • Never pick Mississippi State – this is actually kind of a joke but advice I received a few years ago from a friend.
  • Statistics –Of course, you should take into consideration how the defenses and offenses match up, key player injuries, how the team has been playing, weather, etc. BUT – that’s not what this pool is all about. If you know that kind of thing, great. If not, don’t waste your time on researching stats.

Here is a handful of strategies you can use. Pick one, mix and match, have fun with it. Whatever you do, don’t really fret over the decisions you make. Especially week 1!!

Top 7 Football Pool Strategy Options:

1) Pick all the home teams – home teams generally have a slight advantage, even if they are the underdog. Perhaps they will make it where the favored team does not cover the spread.

2) Pick all the favorites – this works well sometimes. They are the favorites for a reason. But remember, they still have to cover the spread. When I know nothing else, I generally pick the favorite.

3) Pick all the underdogs – this works about the same as picking all the favorites. The underdog can still lose, but if they keep it close enough, you can still win the point.

4)  Pick based on how much you like their uniforms – Ok, this is silly but when in doubt about all else, you can always pick the colors you like. Why not! And remember, never pick orange 😉 unless  your team is orange!

5) Pick based on logic, research and knowledge – this will come as you watch more football and is what I guess we are all supposed to do. Blah, blah, blah. I just don’t have enough time to research 50 teams each week and make an informed decision. I definitely consider the team’s ranking if they have one and use knowledge of what I may have heard or seen recently about the team. I might use the details provided by funofficepools that show some stats for the offense and defense and the team’s record but that’s it.

6) Pick on your gut (aka, just guess)- nothing wrong with this. I’ve known people to do this and do well on any given week.

7) Mix and Match – This is what I do. I start with what I know about a few matchups (strategy 5). I then pick on emotion (e.g. I pick my team (Georgia Tech) because I can’t bet against them and I pick against teams I don’t like). I then move to looking at the spread. If the spread is really high and I don’t think the favorite can or will score that many points, I pick the underdog. On the spreads that are really close (under 3 points), I generally pick the home team. After that, it’s a crap shoot on what makes me pick which team.

So, I’m no expert, but I did win a pool with a bunch of guys once!! Check out the hardware!

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