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football pool strategy

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There are games in our pool week after week that are sure to tug at your emotions. The team you want to prevail isn’t expected to win, but the team they are playing is one you just can’t cheer for in good conscious. What do you do?

This happens to me often since I basically can’t cheer for any SEC team that wears orange. Here’s what I do. If I really think the orange team is going to win, I will pick them in my pool, but still root for the team I want to win. I would rather lose the point in the my pool and have fun watching the game than be stuck cheering for a team I really can’t stand just to get the point.

A great example of this was the UGA/AUBURN game this past week. I picked Auburn to win. I was cheering my head off in the 4th quarter for the Dawgs and was sad they lost…but I did get the point. The emotion during the game was great. The point I won was a bonus, but I would have gladly given it back for a UGA win over the Tigers.

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