Another fun weekend of football with some crazy last minute excitement. It was also another tough week to pick against the spread.

Congratulations to Tommyallen for going 16-9 this week. Another fantastic week for you!!

We had 5 people go 14-12 which is also quite impressive. The tiebreaker for the 2nd place finish went to Doonkette!!

The remaining 14-12 finishers this week were:

  • kaylataylorjazz
  • rockhopper78
  • mmb61
  • squirilwil

Tommyallen is also winning the overall season with a record of 170-129 followed very closely by doritoscowboy, squirilwil, crafdog and craigk. Still anybody’s season. Remember the top 10 finishers get a t-shirt so keep playing hard !!
Way to go Duke! regularly $59.95 on sale $50.96

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