Once again, we hope you enjoy our football pickup lines for the week. If you’ve missed previous weeks, just select Pickup Lines in the articles by topic dropdown to the right. Have a fun day watching football!!

“One undefeated has fallen, how many more will take the plunge?”

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“WT[expletitive]! Who plays college football  on a Tuesday night when it’s not a bowl game. Oh, that’s right, the freaking MAC. No wonder people don’t take that conference seriously.”

“Baylor and Petty are not your average bears”

“The Cardinal must have been taking some Bird Growth Hormone and bulked up as that little red bird was much stronger than a whole flock of ducks”

“Mariotta lost his Heisman chances because of a defensive line who wrecked havoc on any thoughts of protection be his offensive line. He must have been hurried or knocked down every time he dropped back.”

“If LSU wins, will this be Denise’s last post?”

“What do you think folks who don’t favor Southerners think about a game like this? Probably the same as we Southerners think about them when they don’t stick up for our 2nd Amendment rights.”

“I’d like to see Les and Nick [coaches for LSU and Alabama] duke it out after the game! They look like scrapers!”

“How on earth did Louisville not cover 28 points with UConn!! What a joke!”

“It’s so weird to see Florida and Vandy with the same record and battling it out to see who might break 500 and hopefully become bowl eligible. Florida without a bowl game would be a pleasure to see for a lot of people!”

“Missouri at Kentucky: after this many weeks of playing some of the hardest teams in the country, will Mizzou be found asleep at the wheel against Kentucky. It can happen!!”

“I like the way Tony Barnhart put it when talking about Michigan and Nebraska, ‘which of these two proud programs is more desperate?'”

“Two weeks in a row that Pitt has played a team with similar color schemes. I wonder what uni ND will wear to bring contrast.”

“Are you hoping for a complete mix up in the BCS where all the top teams have at least 1 loss or are you hoping for a couple of obvious teams to be left alone at the top?”

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