Here are the college football pickup lines for week 13. We hope you enjoy them!

“Seriously?! Who on Earth puts Chattanooga on Alabama’s schedule? Isn’t that just cruel and unusual punishment? Regardless, I bet Alabama still cannot/will not cover the spread.”

“I still cannot believe what Orgeron has done for USC. That guy must be an amazing coach!”

“How many teams can there be that play these all girl high school teams in a single weekend! I think it should be banned!”

“The best game of the weekend is by far the matchup with Baylor and Oklahoma State. That ought to be a good one.”

football pickup lines

“What do you think about the Jameis Winston situation? I don’t think this is how he wanted to become ‘Famous'”.

“Will Johnny Manziel get the LSU Tiger off his back or will his defense let him down again?”

“Wisconsin and Minnesota are starting Rivalry Weekend a bit early this year, aren’t they?”

“Will Mizzou hold out one more week? Mississippi is no push over! What do you think about having new blood at the top of the SEC?”

“Do you think Michigan State is overrated?”

“The battle of the GDI’s today! Notre Dame and BYU both at 7-3.”

“I’m still in shock over Duke having the proverbial cake walk to win the ACC Coastal Division. That’s just unreal. I bet they are hoping Jameis gets charged before the Championship game. If not, that will make for an embarrassing game.”

To all the Georgia fans out there and lovers of Munson, watch this video, then in a little raspy voice say, “My God, he’s just a freshman!”

“How many more records can Tajh Boyd break this weekend!?”

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