Time for your weekly dose of pithy one-liners that will surely help you fake like you know football.

We have a few good ones in the Big Game of the Week specific to the Bama vs A&M game. We also have a lot great tips under How to Fake It too so you are prepared to watch the games.

But here are some football pickup lines for the rest of the games:

“Can you believe all those crazy calls during the TCU game? They had more refs and it still seemed wrong. I hear the NCAA said they got them right though.”

“That ‘smurf turf’ at Boise St makes my eyes hurt. Boise will never be taken seriously as long as they have that blue field.”

“Tennessee will  be chasing Nike swooshes all over the field at Oregon”

“Do you think Tennessee made a mistake firing Fulmer? I don’t understand why teams get rid of good coaches after one or two bad season”

“I guess we will find out today if Ole Miss is for real this season or not. I’m thinking, not.”

“Who do you think will come out ahead in the Hawkeyes versus the mighty Cyclones in the battle of Iowa?”

“Cass McCoy is playing QB for Texas. That name is equally as perfect for Texas as Colt McCoy was.”

Do you have some great football pickup lines for this week? Let us know!! Comment and share with everyone.

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