Are you ready for some football!!! If you are still looking for reasons to get excited about a bunch of guys running around in tight pants, getting all sweaty with their muscles bulging (as if that’s not enough), let’s see if we cannot give you a few more. Click here to see our top 10 list for why you should love football in general, but why should you start loving it THIS season?

Football for women: top 10 reasons to love football this season – 2013

  1. Alabama has won 3 of the last 4 National Championships, if they win this year it will be ‘three-peat’. Can they do it? Love them or hate them, they are damn good and Nick Saban is proving how key a coach is to the success of a program. 
  2. The SEC has 6 teams (nearly 1/4) in the pre-season top-25. Will they continue to be the dominant conference? Will an SEC team win the National Championship again as they have for the last 7 years or will someone else finally break the streak?
  3. Will Johnny Football™ (Johnny Manziel – QB for Texas A&M who won the Heisman trophy last year as a freshmen) rise up and exceed greatness or crash and burn with the ridiculous cockiness he and his parents have been displaying as of late. 
  4. How many different uniform colors will the Oregon Ducks wear this season?
  5. How will Notre Dame do this season after it’s first trip to the BCS? Are they overrated at number 12? Remember, they got a really good spanking in the BCS game. 
  6. Ka’Deem Carey – The Arizona Wildcat running back  that racked up more than 1900 yards last season (FYI…that’s a lot)! Defenses will load up on him. It will be exciting to watch him as we see how he does with a new quarterback!
  7. Parties! There is nothing more fun, in our opinion, than a good old fashioned football party. They are low key and casual, people are friendly, the weather is great, there is lots to drink and the food is usually fabulous!
  8. If you have a son who plays football (or even just really likes watching it), you will be armed with knowledge and ideas of how to strike up a conversation with him. He will no longer be able to use as an excuse for not talking to you: “You just don’t get it!” Stick with us and you WILL get it and LOVE it and your son will love to share!
  9. You won’t feel left out. There really are lots of women who enjoy football. If  you are armed with enough knowledge and have some enthusiasm to at least make it through a 5 minute conversation, you will be much better off!
  10. Why NOT start loving it this season? If you are on this website and read our posts, you must have an interest. There’s no time like the present! Join us. Subscribe. Like. Follow. Play in the pool. It will be an awesome season.

Helpful hint about football for women out there: Pick any one of the top 6 topics for this season (the rest are more personal), float the topic to the man in your life, sit back, nod a couple of times in agreement, say things like “you couldn’t be more right” and “I totally agree”. Throw out words like “overrated” or “I’m ready for a change” and see what kind of response you get. Fake it like the best of them!! No shame in that. Let us know how it goes!! We’ll be providing all sorts of great lines and topics all season. You’ll look like and sound like a pro. Hang tight!

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