I was in San Diego last weekend for a quick visit. It was the place I called home for 11 years and was excited to go back and see some old friends. My time was limited so we did “group” gatherings on Friday and Saturday night.

I did have a dilemma though. The Georgia-Florida game was on at 12:30 PST and the Miami-FSU game was on at 5:00 PST. My friend Cindy, who I have known for 30 years and lives in San Diego, knows and accepts my love for football, because she loves it just as much. She went to USC so we watched her game at a bar on Friday night and decided to go back to the same bar on Saturday afternoon to watch Georgia-Florida (growing up in Atlanta, she’s also a UGA fan).

It was during that game I realized people weren’t yelling, cheering, or screaming…nothing. People just quietly sat watching the game, drinking beer and being very civil. What a concept? To make things even more interesting, when we went to another restaurant/bar for dinner that evening, we were sat on the patio with several televisions. The one right in front of me was the Miami-FSU game. Score! Game of the week was on and I wasn’t going to miss it!

However, I was shocked…no stunned is more like it, when someone asked for the channel to be switched to the New Mexico – SDSU game. I really couldn’t believe it. Then I realized, the SDSU game is as big to people who live in San Diego as a Georgia or Georgia Tech game is to people who live in Atlanta. Not everyone follows the top 25 teams or even cares about the BCS. Some just love their team and are loyal supporters…and that’s ok too!! Love football how you want to love football, not how you think you should love it!

FSU beat Miami!!

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