football pick up line

What’s the epiphany? Ninety percent of guys don’t know what the world they are talking about when it comes to football. That’s my theory, let’s prove it!

So, here is how it played out last night on my dejected (and very painful due to the poor choice in shoes!) walk back to the car after Georgia Tech’s loss to Virginia Tech. I’m not going to get into the game because I’m still so very, very sad.

Anyway, we are walking and there are lots of other dejected GT fans around pontificating about why the Yellow Jackets could not pull it off.  I’m overhearing two guys talk in circles about the lack of the run game, two more ticked about all the false start penalties, another asking for Coach Paul Johnson’s head, etc. etc. They all use football clichés to sound smart: “We couldn’t seal the ends”, “You have to run to open up the pass”, “Can’t play from behind”, “We lost the turnover battle”, “blah blah blah”.

Then it dawned on me! These guys don’t REALLY know what they are talking about! Well, at least not any more than the rest of us. They just like to talk as if they do. They speak with conviction.  They use one football cliché after another. They flail their arms around. They throw out a few F-bombs and “Kazam” they are all of a sudden the resident expert.

So, lesson confirmed ladies:  use our pick-up lines of the week, add a football cliché or two and you’ll be the cool chick who really knows her stuff about football!!

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