Football Sayings for Everyday Life

Football sayings you can use in real life

There are a lot of great expressions used in sports. You’ve heard them. From baseball it might be “he blew that one right by him” or “swing and a miss”. From basketball it might be “alley-oop” or “air ball”. Football probably has the most of these great expressions.

However, what really separates someone who understands the sport from those who don’t is their uncanny ability to¬†use the expressions¬†outside of the sport. You hear them in the bar, you hear them in the board room, you hear them at casual gatherings everywhere. These football (sports) sayings used for everyday life are important to understand and to use on your own too. Here are a handful of our favorites football sayings great for the game and to be used in everyday life.

Flip the Field

Go for It!


Hail Mary

4th and Long

Take a Knee

Kick it through the uprights

Call an Audible

Toe Meets Leather

Stack the Box

Play like a Champion

Roll Tide

Thread the Needle

Hunker Down!

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