Football Positions Defined:

There are a lot of different football positions on the field. They all have different responsibilities and different skills. Some are supposed to be super fast, others really strong, some need to have really nice, soft hands for catching the ball (sounds fun!), and others are just supposed to be big enough to fill a hole.

Here are the majority of the positions you will hear named on the field.

Center – The player who snaps the ball to the Quarterback and must endure having someone’s hands under his backside. Usually one of the smartest guys on the offensive line.

Corner Back – The players that line up on the wide parts of the field, usually opposite of the offensive receivers. They are usually fast.

Defensive Line – The big guys on defense who line up on the other side of the line of scrimmage, close to the ball. It primarily consists of the defensive tackles and defensive ends. 

Defensive End – The outside two members of the defensive line. Generally, these guys are the fastest ones on the defensive line and they try and get behind the offensive line to tackle tackle the quarterback or ball carrier. 

Defensive Tackle – The inner two members of the defensive line, whose jobs are to  stop a running play or run through a gap in the offensive line to pressure the quarterback. They are really strong.

Guard – The inner two members of the offensive line whose jobs are to block for and protect the quarterback and ball carriers.

Kicker – Well, this is the guy that attempts field goals and extra points…by kicking! He also kicks the ball at kickoffs. He is sometimes called the place kicker and they generally have the cleanest uniforms and the nicest hair.

Linebacker -These players line up behind the defensive linemen and generally are regarded as the team’s best tacklers. They are big but fast too. They have to really try and predict what is going to happen and be there to stop the offense.

Offensive Line – The big guys that are mostly responsible for blocking. The offensive line consists of the center, offensive guards and offensive tackles. 

Punter – The guy who punts the ball on 4th down. Although he kicks, the kicker and punter are almost always different guys.

Quarterback – The leader of the team (and often times the cute one). He calls the plays in the huddle, yells the signals at the line of scrimmage, and receives the ball from the center. He then either throws, passes or runs the ball. 

Running Back – The player who runs the football. He usually stands behind or to the side of the quarter back. Running back is the more generic term for fullbacks, tailbacks, halfbacks, A-backs and B-backs.

Safety – The players who line up the furthest back from the line of scrimmage on defense and are the last line of defense (hence the name safety). They are super fast and usually play a zone defense.

Tackle – One of two offensive linemen positioned between the guard and the end on either side of the ball.

Tail Back – The back on an offensive team who lines up farthest from the line of scrimmage.

Tight End – A player who serves as a receiver and also as a blocker. Probably the coolest guy on the team. He is strong, fast, smart, has good hands and is a pretty big guy too. With all of that, we bet his rear-end is pretty firm (again, hence the name 😉 )

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