The intense college rivalries are one of the many things we love most about college football. The history behind the rivalries, the fans, the tradition…it’s all part of why we love the game! There are great stories here full of emotion and excitement. Most of the rivalries are ‘in state’ rivalries between a State school and the University, but definitely not all of them!

We will document details about these great rivalries throughout the football season. Below are some of the biggest rivalries in college football that you won’t want to miss! The majority of them are the weekend of Nov 28-30, the traditional in state rivalry weekend.

Football Rivalry List and 2014 Schedule

Oklahoma vs. Texas – Oct 11 @ Texas

Michigan vs. Michigan St. – Oct 25 @ Michigan

Georgia vs. Florida – Nov 1 @ Jacksonville

California vs. Stanford – Nov 22 @ Cal

USC vs. UCLA – Nov 22@ UCLA

Arizona vs. Arizona St. – Nov 28 @ Arizona

Alabama vs. Auburn – Nov 29 @ Alabama

Clemson vs. South Carolina – Nov 29 @ Clemson

Florida vs. Florida St. – Nov 29 @ FSU

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech – Nov 29 @ UGA

Mississippi vs. Mississippi St. – Nov 29 @ Ole Miss

Ohio St. vs. Michigan – Nov 29 @ Ohio St

Oregon vs. Oregon St. – Nov 29 @ Oregon St.

USC vs. Notre DameNov 29 @ USC

Army vs. Navy Dec 13 @ Navy


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