Texas A&M Scouting reportWow! Tonight is the night Denise and I have been waiting for since January 6th of this year when Jameis Winston held up the BCS National Championship Trophy!

Now, it is a new season, new players, newly aligned conferences and a new championship ‘playoff’ process and trophy! It is going to be a great season, more on that to come. For now, let us introduce you to the games that will be the first of the first!


First night of college football

There are 5 games tonight although everyone will be talking about only one! Here they are:

Texas A&M (#20) vs South Carolina (#9)

Wake Forest at LA Monroe

Boise St at Mississippi (#19)

Temple at Vandy

Weber St at Arizona St (#18)

Now, of course, if you went to one of these other 8 schools, you’ll be talking about these games. If you are on ESPN SportCenter, you’ll be talking for a few minutes about these ‘other’ games. And, if Weber St or Boise St has a great opener and beats Ole Miss or Arizona State, then we will ALL be talking about that.

For now, we’ll talk about Texas A&M and South Carolina. This is a HUGE game. Not only are these teams both ranked in the pre-season rankings, they are both in the SEC (although in separate divisions). This will have big repercussions on the losing team’s season and someone is going to lose.

This is Texas A&M’s first game without the dynamic quarterback, Johnny “Football” Manziel. We will see how the team and coaches respond without his on the field and off the field antics. Let’s hope maybe a bit of class will return.

What you need to know about Texas A&M and South Carolina for conversation starters:

Texas A&M’s mascot is the Aggies and is known for the home of the 12th Man (referring to the crowd since 11 men play football at a time) and will be playing without Johnny Manziel who left for the NFL and is playing for the Cleveland Browns now (as a backup). Check out the Aggie’s season outlook here.

South Carolina’s mascot is the Gamecocks and their head coach, Steve Spurrier, has a big of a love-hate following as the most polarizing figure you can think of. They’ve been in the conversation for years but have not hit it big in the post season yet. Maybe this is their year. Jadeveon Clowney, USC’s former big shot defensive player, has also moved to the NFL. Their colors may look similar to the Aggie’s but USC’s official colors are Garnet and Black.

This game will be televised on the newly created SEC Network which is all SEC all the time. This will be their first ‘big’ game telecast. I’m sure this will be a topic of conversation. Remember when people couldn’t believe CNN, the first 24×7 news channel came to be and then ESPN with all sports started? Now we have a network devoted to just one conference! Wow! Look how we’ve ‘progressed’ as a society.

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